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Posted by Camille D.C. Sutton on Mar 22, 2019 8:00:00 AM
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The manipulation of limited space, time, matter, and energy are up for your designation at the start of practice. We all know that limitation is the mother of creativity. These coaches have some ideas that are multiplying their effectiveness in practice.

In this article, we have six real practice examples of coaches taking the leap to make their practices meet the demands of competitive play. You should definitely consider nabbing one of these for your next practice session.

Utilizing SPACE for Your Range: Prep Step/First Step

That first step counts for so much. Help them practice the prep step until it's second nature.


Reps Defying TIME: 600 Balls in 18 Minutes 

Each repetition equals an opportunity for a player to build their skill and confidence.

 This is what multiplying your time looks like.


Batting Practice That MATTERS: BPx2, BPx3

Chances are your hitters won't see 3 perfect fastballs in a row at the plate. They're more likely to see a variety of pitches, which makes this first practice example so great. Players' pitch readability improves when it is tested. Coach Chris Akridge and Coach Kenny Ledford give their hitters the practice they need to identify fastballs and curveballs through a variety of stations and machines. Add these to your BP regiment.



Saving ENERGY for Practice-able Diving Plays

Remember that play your outfielder misread? Let him practice it until he gets it right.

Got more ideas for how FungoMan can take creative coaches to the next level of play? Tweet your practice ideas and we'll highlight you in the next series of creative drills. Make sure to sign up for the blog so you don't miss a single idea that could take your program from good to great.

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