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FungoMan Supports MLB Urban Youth Academy [PRESS RELEASE]

Posted by Romy Cucjen on Feb 22, 2018 7:00:00 AM


PRESS RELEASE: At the Andrew Dawson Classic, FungoMan delivered the first of two FM-250 baseball machines to the MLB Youth Academy.

FungoMan LLC, a baseball technology and service training company delivered the first FM-250 Automated Baseball Practice Machines to the MLB Youth Academy at the prestigious Andrew Dawson Classic College Tournament.

Coaches are able to provide athletes with quality repetitions along with the best training, quality baseball instruction to young baseball players in every neighborhood, and tools to local MLB Urban Youth Academies that empower players and those that train them—reflecting the MLB’s unwavering commitment to provide the best baseball training opportunity.

FungoMan Delivers Machine To MLB Urban Youth Academy In New Orleans


Using the FM technology, the MLB Youth Academy players and coaches have access to exciting pre-program routines that give players challenging reps, in increments of 3 seconds if desired. For example, infielders can work on a 2 hop, top-spin ground ball in the deepest part of the 5/6 hole over and over, until it’s mastered

To continue the MLB’s tradition of giving back to the community and the next generation of baseball, FungoMan planned and executed the following tactics:

  • Using the FungoMan technology, multiple players to be involved in one drill at the same time, while coaches are able to run a separate drill or bring themselves closer to the action to give instruction next to the players, while having the exact repetition delivered by FungoMan over and over.
  • FM Technology allows the success driven player to hone his craft, the ability to train by himself when he wants and how he wants.
  • Equally FM technology, empowers the player that wants to raise his skill level to be accepted by his teammates and/or participate at the same level.

By bringing machines to the local academies {NOLA and Compton}, FungoMan hopes to provide the best training technology to the regional and national events of Major League Baseball’s youth programs.


About MLB's Urban Youth Academy: As a not-for-profit organization, the UYA aims to set the standard for baseball and softball instruction, teach and educate in Urban America, and enhance the quality of life in the surrounding communities. Major League Baseball has set out four facets to the Urban Youth Initiative:

  • Grow the games of baseball and softball while cultivating diversity in all aspects of the game
  • Make meaningful contributions to the development of urban communities
  • Provide safe and organized recreational activities for urban youth
  • Prepare urban high school players for college and professional baseball and softball programs [official site]

About FungoMan LLC: FungoMan LLC produces and sells the most efficient, portable, and advanced baseball and softball practice repetition machines available. For more than 14 years, engineers and programmers at FungoMan® have researched and developed the hardware and software needed to revolutionize practice made perfect. At the end of the day it’s about the training, the reps, and getting the coaches close enough to the players to instruct them.

To learn more about how MLB is serving our communities, learn more HERE.

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