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Hand and Glove Positioning With the Masters [Videos]

Posted by Camille D.C. Sutton on Jan 26, 2017 8:00:00 AM

Baseball culture throws around the compliment "he's got good hands" like it's something only a few innately talented players possess. But who's to say, those hands didn't become that way without purposeful practice?

A baseball player's hands are arguably some of his greatest tools; after all, your hands catch with a leather glove, throw a 108-stitched ball, and grip a bat, making up the primary actions of baseball.

Let's take a look at a few little details that go into making your hands some of your greatest assets on the field.

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The Kyle Schwarber Story: How To Comeback

Posted by Camille D.C. Sutton on Nov 1, 2016 11:54:06 AM

Take a seat folks, because class is now in session with Professor Kyle Schwarber on deck, schooling us all on the art of comeback. 

This is no ordinary Comeback Course. What we have here is a front row seat to witness a legendary story and learn what it means to be a 23-year-old legend in the making. And with Game 6 on the horizon tonight, you and I will get schooled again by everyone's favorite designated hitter for the Chicago Cubs.

Grab a pen and pad, 'cause Schwarber's got some things to share with every kid who's gone through injury, still dreaming of performing on baseball's biggest and brightest stage.

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Baseball's Statistical Revolution: What It Is & Why You Should Care [Video]

Posted by Camille D.C. Sutton on Oct 27, 2016 3:01:38 PM

Every smart coach wants to develop skill in players that he hopes will put their team in a winning position on every play. 

In the age of Moneyball and MLB Statcast, the data captured for entertainment and competitive purposes alike, have opened up new ways of thinking about developing skill and maximizing talent.

According to the architects at MLB Statcast uses the same technology that tracks debris during the launch of space shuttles to change the way we watch baseball on TV.

Thanks to this technology, organizations are giving overlooked talent a second chance to compete in the Major Leagues, because the data shows the potential of players where we might not expect to find it.

The smart data revolution has fundamentally changed the way we watch a baseball game on television; could it change the way we think about other aspects of the game?

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Baseball Statcast: Do You Know This Year's Leaderboard? [Quiz]

Posted by Camille D.C. Sutton on Sep 8, 2016 1:00:00 PM


Statistics and analytics are here. Take this quiz to see where you're at on the latest numbers.

Using the Statcast Leaderboard at MLB.com, we've lassoed in some data, now we need your answers. Time to test your knowledge not your ability to look up the answers.

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9 Game-Changing Things You Didn't Know About Ichiro

Posted by Camille D.C. Sutton on Aug 12, 2016 12:08:00 PM

Ichiro Suzuki's long and impressive career has turned heads in the past week. Besides Ichiro's contributions as one of the greatest Japanese imports to the game of baseball, Ichiro is on pace to go down as one of the greatests players of all time, boasting 10 Golden Gloves and recently 3,000 hits in Major League Baseball. 

Ichiro's meticulous preparation, longevity, and success will be talked about for years to come.

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7 Historic Baseball Moments That Inspired Us [Infographics]

Posted by Camille D.C. Sutton on Jul 1, 2016 12:10:40 PM

Tis' the season to watch young players sign contracts to play professional baseball, and the experience never gets old to watch. As the next wave of ball players take their place on the stage of the Big Show, we thought it'd be fun to take a second, or third...ok, let's be real, hundredth look back at some iconic moments of baseball. 

Check out artist, Justin Bopp's infographics of these amazingly historic and inspiring moments in baseball history.

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Topics: Baseball trivia, MLB, Baseball Infographics, Baseball History

How to Create the Perfect Father's Day at the Ballpark

Posted by Camille D.C. Sutton on Jun 17, 2016 12:00:00 PM

It's time to take dear old dad to the ballgame. We've got some stellar reasons why the ballpark is the perfect place to spend Father's day with your ole' man. 

So grab your mitt, Trout net, and hat and show your dad a great time with these keen ideas for spending an afternoon with the guy who taught you how to play ball.

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Topics: Major League Baseball, Ballpark, MLB, Father's Day Gift, Baseball Stadium, Father's Day

5 Rookie Homers That Will Inspire You [Videos]

Posted by Camille D.C. Sutton on Jun 1, 2016 12:00:00 PM


There's no doubt that strength training and dissecting hitting technique greatly improve a hitter's ability at the plate. There will always be a growing number of ideas to choose from for the player and the coach. 

With the sophistication of today's baseball techniques, however, comes the buffet of options for getting better and staying up-to-date on what's new on the hitting frontier.

Whether you're a coach or a player, the mind remains the greatest tool for any baseball connoisseur. The brain takes in data like nothing else, so in effect, why not let your mind do some visualization work on these hitters in their rookie year achieving amazing feats in the game?

Sometimes it's just good to see some home runs. Am I right?

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Feats of Strength: Improve Your Mental Game [Slideshare]

Posted by Camille D.C. Sutton on Mar 23, 2016 12:33:30 PM
Yogi Berra once said, "90 percent of the game is half mental." Our man Yogi may not have been the best with the concept of percentages, but he knew a thing or two about the mental game of baseball. 
Recently our good friend Donnie Moore made a visit to speak to the Royals at Spring Training. With demonstrations of strength and motivational talks, he effectively releases tremendous amounts of drive and desire.
Here you'll find some great content to sharpen your mental game, unlock your inner motivation, and discover how to draw out the best work ethic of your players.
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