The FungoMan Subscription

The latest technology without commitment of ownership.

 $406.32 / 36 months


The FungoMan Subscription offers customers the benefits of low monthly payments, the latest technology, 3 years of customer care and training, without the limitations of ownership and out of pocket upgrades. Subscription available now for the FM-250 and FM-250S, serving schools, booster clubs, municipalities, and academies.

Subscription Features:

  • Low Interest Rate -- Lower monthly payments
  • 3 Year Bumper to Bumper -- Tech support, customer care, and training (talk with our FungoMan Specialists and get the most out of your machine)
  • 3 Year Software Upgrade -- Free software upgrades for duration of subscription (latest versions of the FungoMan Wireless Remote)
  • Tech Refresh Options (at the end of term):
    • Refresh old machine for lower monthly price
    • Return machine and receive a new machine for same monthly price
    • Return machine to FungoMan at completion of term 


Call To Learn More About The FungoMan Subscription

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