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“I believe that you play the way you practice... And if you practice correctly, that’s going to pay off come game-time.”


Academy Owner Makes The Most of Indoor Practice with FungoMan

15-year Major League Baseball veteran, Kelly Stinnett was known by his Big League teammates as “The Grinder” because of his unparalleled work ethic, his ability to avoid injuries with proper training and practice, and his never say die attitude and positive mental approach to the game. 

At his indoor training center in Northeast Mesa, Arizona, Stinnett and his staff have the ability to train for baseball multiple times a week. “Most baseball activities require muscle memory,” Stinnett says, “and by having a place to train often, and get in lots of reps is a real plus… especially when it’s 110 degrees outside!”


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"Feel free to connect with me on social media, and ask me questions about baseball and FungoMan!" —Kelly



USA Baseball 12U Developmental Camp

Reps Drill

USA Developmental 12U Camp at Grinders

Reps Drill

Catchers Blocking Drill


Pick, Backhand and Glove Side

Catchers Receiving Drill

Agility Ground ball Drill

USA Developmental 12U Camp at Grinders