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Financing option for Schools, Municipalities, and Academies

FungoMan, the Automated Baseball Pitching & Fielding Machine, simply controlled by a coach friendly wireless tablet, provides accurate, repetitive, and timely practice for all players.

Leasing Terms and Rates

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36 Months

48 Months

60 Months

72 Months

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Reasons to talk to us about financing your machine:

  • Leasing immediately benefits the organization you serve.
  • Leasing helps maximize cash flow.
  • Leasing can overcome budget restrictions.
  • Easy to budget, convenient payment schedules include annual, semi-annual, seasonal or monthly.
  • Spread out the cost of the equipment rather than charge one fiscal period with the entire cost.
  • Equipment inflation is outpacing the cost of tax exempt leases, giving municipalities the opportunity to save money by leasing now instead of waiting to have enough money to buy outright.
  • Interest on a tax-exempt lease is approximately the same as the interest that can be earned on funds properly invested. A lease can offer the opportunity to preserve cash for other projects for which leasing is not an alternative.
  • Tax-exempt leases have no origination costs.

No matter what method of payment you decide on, know that at FungoMan, we are committed to helping you acquire the very best practice machine available: The FM-250 and FM-250S Automated Practice Machines.


Typical payment schedule

These figures are based on a $14,025 purchase. $119 Initial payment is added to the first lease payment. Taxes, shipping and handling charges are not included. Actual cost may vary. Please contact us for credit approval and quote. 

Annual Lease/Purchase Payment
2-Year $7,465
3-Year $5,291
4-Year $4,213
5-Year $3,573


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