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3 Essential Performance Boosting Exercises for Softball Players

Posted by Kelly Elms on Jul 11, 2019 12:00:00 PM

Every player wants to get better, but not all athletes will put in the extra time and effort it takes to get there. The best of the best continue to work hard in their off-the-field training.

Strength and conditioning is a pivotal part of softball as we know it today. Players are increasingly stronger, quicker, and more powerful due to more effective use of the weight room and conditioning. So if you want to gain an extra boost in your softball performance, a great place to start would be with these three exercises sure to get you one step closer to your softball goals.



Squats are considered the “King of Exercises.” Do you want to get the most bang-for-your-buck while in the weight room? You should be squatting.

Softball is a sport based around power. Stealing second, hitting a homerun, and throwing a runner out at home are all short, powerful movements. Because power = force x velocity, you need to increase the amount of force (a.k.a. how much weight you can squat) in order to increase how much power you will have on the field.

When people think of squatting, most would imagine a bodybuilder with a thousand pounds on their back. However, the great thing about squatting is there are multiple ways to tailor the movement to the athlete.

Variations to Implement Into Your Workout:




This might seem obvious. Of course you need to be good at sprinting in order to run the bases or track down a fly ball. However, softball is a game made up of bang-bang plays. Gaining a mere half a step will give you a competitive advantage.

There is only one way to increase your speed: by running fast. A lot of coaches want their players to be able to run a fast mile or do a 300 yard shuttle. These are going to improve a player’s endurance, which there is a time and a place for, but this will not make them any quicker on the base paths. When you think about the fact that the average softball play lasts about four seconds, it makes sense to worry less about a seven minute mile and more about a 3 second home-to-first.

Variations to Implement Into Your Workout:




Medicine Ball Throws

Med ball throws are the cherry on top of your training. These exercises can be extremely sports specific. Using a weighted medicine ball, a player can mimic their swing or throwing motion in order to increase power in those movements. This can take the strength developed in the weight room and help bridge the gap to the softball field.

Variations to Implement Into Your Workout:

What staple exercises do you encourage your softball program to implement outside of practice? Leave a comment below with your top three! 


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