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4 Quick Drills to Improve Infield Glove Work

Posted by Kelly Elms on Sep 12, 2019 2:00:00 PM

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We all have those players who have the athletic ability to be top notch players, but they just need the extra repetitions to improve that glove work. Having quick drills that are done with minimal space and equipment can often be a key factor in getting the reps your players need to move their infield skills to the next level.

Here are a few drills (all found on Instagram!) that require very little setup and can be implemented into your practices and workouts today!

Bad Hop Drill 


Do your players have a difficult time adjusting to a bad hop? Using pvc pipes or small cones are great ways to simulate a bad hop and cause players to read a bad hop quickly with their glove. The progression can then be made to moving their feet towards the ball like they would while fielding a ball in a game.


Ball Every Day Drill


Here is a great sequence of ball and glove drills that you can start implementing at practice today! This can be the first thing your players do at practice every single day and even before games. Starting players on their knees isolates their upper half and makes them focus on knowing exactly what their glove is doing while fielding the ball.


Moving with Good Posture


Have an old step-up box lying around your facility? Let’s put it to good use! This drill requires a player to feel what it is like to move with their knees bent and feet outside the width of their hips, which is the best position for the infielders to receive a ball thrown to them at a bag.


Side Arm v. Low Angle Throws

Your players have seen shortstops make that Derek Jeter throw on the run, but many aren’t sure how to create that type of throw so low to the ground. Here is a great idea to teach players how to get their upper body in a position to make that quick, low angle throw.  Like the caption says, working on getting your arm in different angles will allow you to make more plays in more situations.


Do you have any other quick infield drills that have improved your players’ glove work? Let us know in the comments!


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