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7 Follow-Worthy Softball Accounts On Instagram

Posted by Kelly Elms on Aug 1, 2019 8:00:00 AM


Let’s face it. We all love spending time scrolling through Instagram. We can connect with others, see beautiful pictures, and watch funny videos. A wealth of softball knowledge and information awaits discovery as well!

Here's our list of the best Instagram accounts to follow for the softball lovers out there.

1. The Packaged Deal


The Packaged Deal clinics could possibly be the best softball clinic experience your daughter could ever attend. The founders, four big-time former softball players, all came together to create an electric atmosphere at clinics around the country. Their Instagram is chock full of drills, pictures of the clinics, and tons of encouragement for young players.


2. The Hitting Vault


Matt Lisle, the founder of The Hitting Vault, is one of the most well-known hitting coaches (both baseball and softball) in the country. From doing private lessons, to coaching both collegiate softball and baseball, to being a hitting consultant to major league players, Lisle provides great insight to the hitting swing.


3. Fastpitch Power


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Reasons why I love the bucket drill • its a great drill for working on leg drive, which is so important for getting an explosive push off the rubber • it helps the pitcher work on core and hip strength because you have to work extra hard to get vertically stacked and land tall • it helps increase the length of the stride • girls love it because they can literally feel themselves getting more power • all you need is a bucket! But if you don’t have a bucket you can use a chair . . It’s definitely a favourite, that being said though, it is an advanced drill, so you should only do it if your mechanics are pretty solid . . Train with us at!

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If you are a softball pitching coach or pitcher yourself, this is the account to follow. With lots of videos from young players to great pitching examples of the softball greats, this account will show you exactly what to look for when toeing the rubber.


4. NCAA Softball


Collegiate softball has taken the sports world by storm. More and more people are watching the televised games each season—which is why you should follow along on Instagram as well! See highlights, final scores, and interesting story lines from across the country throughout the year.


5. Flo Softball


This account will keep you up to date on all things softball. Flo Softball posts about players at the travel ball and high school level all the way up to the National Professional Fastpitch League. They give you the inside scoop on the most popular players while also showing hilarious videos of softball players around the country.


6. USA Softball


With the Tokyo 2020 Olympics happening in just one year, you definitely will want to be following USA Softball. This account is the official account for all the softball national teams and will be the place to be up to date once softball competes in the Olympics once again next year!


7. Jen Schro


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How big are your dreams? Do you find yourself unable to stop designing ideas in your head? Do you engineer thoughts that most view as impossible? Have you been told: “You’re Crazy!”? I have. Do people call you “ridiculous!”? All the time. That’s when the real fun starts. . Today, I’m one month away from my FIFTH @jenschrocatching Retreat kicking off. An idea that was “crazy.” In about 35 days, a project I’ve been working on with @eastonfastpitch for years will be unveiled. A concept that some male executives would call, “ridiculous.” . The world will give you 8 thousands reasons why you shouldn’t pursue something. Good thing it only takes 1 reason to know you should. . To every catcher in the world: I’ve got your back. To all you dreamers: Don’t stop. To everyone reading this: When you need someone to believe in your ideas, I’m here. . . . . #dream #dreamer #dreamers #dreaming #believe #ownthefield #ownthisfield #selfbelief #belief #ibelieve #shebelieves #webelieve #crazydreams #crazydreamer #dreambig #dreambigger

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Jen Schroeder (Jen Schro) is one of the most influential women in softball today. One of the founders of The Packaged Deal (see the first account listed above), she is a life coach disguised as a softball catching coach. She gives out quality catching tips while also giving out even more life encouragement to her ever growing following.

Who did we leave off of this list? Who is your favorite softball account to follow?

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