USA Baseball

2017 National Team Championships West

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The FM-250 Automated Baseball Practice Machine

Perfectly Placed Reps...Automatically

FungoMan, the Automated Baseball Pitching & Fielding Machine, provides accurate, repetitive, and timely practice for all players. This powerful and efficient practice machine allows coaches to be most effective by being next to players in the field while FungoMan executes precise and easy to run practice plans. This is achieved by FungoMan’s ability to automatically throw any kind of ground ball, line drive, popup, fastball, curveball, or knuckleball, from 2 to over 400 feet, at speeds from 5 to over 100 mph, to precise places on the field or in the strike zone. These balls can be thrown as quickly as every 3 seconds, using an easy to use manual or wireless controller. This simple to use automated rep machine maximizes training, accelerates development, and ultimately transfers into championship players and teams at every level.


  • FungoMan throws balls to any position on the field using a state-of-the-art positioning system that allows balls to be thrown every 3-5 seconds anywhere on the field
  • Fully programmable wireless controller empowers coaches to run, edit, or create Factory Installed or User Created Routines
  • Holds over 200 balls that fire every 3 seconds
  • Develop proper fundamentals in players from youth leagues to the pros by coaching next to players instead of swinging a bat at home plate
  • Create patient hitters by varying types of pitches (Fastball, Curveball, Change Up, Knuckleball)
  • Scout and simulate previously played games by scripting those plays for practice
  • Find more time to practice problem areas by setting up automated drills while you are working with other players
  • Add wins to their team’s record by multiplying the number of quality reps your players receive at practice
  • Multiply reps to players during the same amount of practice time
  • Put more fun into practice by keeping players engaged with drills that include multiple players at once
  • Motivate players to reach for new limits
  • Teach the game with more effectiveness
  • Watch players achieve new levels of success
  • FungoMan can throw any kind of ball from a 400’ fly ball to a 3’ bunt in front of home plate
  • Coaches are free to coach anywhere on the field