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Trent Mongero: Winning HS Baseball

TRENT MONGERO explains and demonstrates techniques and drills using the FM-250. (SEE VIDEO CLIPS BELOW)

  • Former Professional Baseball Player - Atlanta Braves Organization
  • 23 Year High School Head Coach
  • Over 400 wins in High School career
  • 3-Time Region Coach of the Year +
  • 2-Time Georgia Coach of the Year +
  • Played for two State Championships in the last 5 years +
  • 2017 ABCA National Coach of the Year +
  • 2017 HC of State Champion North Hall Trojans (1st in 60 YR History) +
  • Authored the “Winning Baseball” Books and Video series

+ Accomplished after purchasing and implementing FungoMan FM-250 

Here's a great resource for coaching outfielders: Outstanding Outfield Drills with Coach Trent Mongero 

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Tags at Second Base


Indoor - Infield Ready Position Timing Drill

Indoor - Infield - Choose Your Hop Footwork Drill

Indoor - Ozzie Drill - Improve Glove Action & Instincts

Indoor - Improved Range With Crossover Step Drill


Indoor - Infield 2b Double Play Pivots from 3b

Indoor - Backhand Drill: "Do or Die" vs "Declared" 

Indoor - Footwork to Fielding Position Drill

Indoor - When Should You Backhand?


Infield Choose Your Hop Drill

First Base Random Pick Drill


4 Second Game Speed Ground Balls

Infield Fly Balls

Picks and Tags at Second Base Drill

FM Development - Tags at Second Base

5, 6, 7 Infield Triangle Catch Drill

FM Development - Fly Ball Priority

Outfield Take Away the Double Drill

Play the Wall Outfield Drill

Outfield Do or Die Reading Sinking Line Drive Drill

Pop-Ups in Foul Territory

FM Development - Popups to Catcher

FM Development - Catcher transfer drill

FM Development - Game Speed Pop Time Catchers Drill

FM Development - Tags at the plate


FM Development - Drag bunt for a hit

FM Development - Push bunt for a hit

FM Development - Batting Practice