The Ease of Operation

Empowering you to maximize your time and knowledge on the field.
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Hardware Specs

  • Easy Navigation Screen + Better Visibility (7” screen)
  • Conveniently sized (fits in your pocket!)
  • Sharper resolution
  • Fast Processor + Longer Battery Life
  • Handy Cradle to hold Wireless controller while you are in the field
  • Wall Charger is on the machine in case you forget to charge battery

Software Highlights

  • Fully programmable wireless controller empowers coaches to run, edit, or create Factory Installed or User Created Routines
  • Quickly select a position, elevation, and power setting using the QuickPick Screen
  • Manually throw balls or automate drills
  • Set the Timer Horn so that you can simulate a runner from Home to 1st Base at the time you specify.
  • Shuffle routines to keep them guessing
  • Set the Auto Fire Time to specify time between balls thrown



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Factory Installed Routines

  • Create Your Own Routines or Use the Over 40 "Ready to Run" Factory Installed Routines
  • Tried and true drills or be creative
  • Team, Infield, Outfield, Catcher, Pitcher, and Individuals routines sized for each per 60', 70', 75', 80', and 90' base paths.
  • All routines can be copied and edited to save as your own.
  • Store an unlimited number of drills that you create or copy and edit from our Factory Installed Routines.




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