Wireless Controller Upgrade

Empowering you to maximize your time and knowledge on the field.
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More Convenient Controller

  • Easy Nexus 7 Operating System
  • Better Visibility (7” screen)
  • Faster Processor + Longer Battery Life
  • Wall Charger on the machine to charge battery

Easier Navigating Interface

    • Easier to customize routines on the fly
    • Quickly select a position, elevation, and power setting using the QuickPick Screen
    • Fine tune each ball using the Ball Screen
    • Coaches are free to coach anywhere on the field using the WiFi enabled controller
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  • Wireless_Controller_Options_Menu.jpg
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Factory Installed Routines

  • New Factory Installed Routines!
  • Easier to create your own routines
  • Storage space for UNLIMITED customized drills

Secure Your Wireless Controller Upgrade Today ($500)