Everything You Need To Know for 2016 College Baseball [Stats]

Posted by Camille D.C. Sutton | Feb 17, 2016 12:57:10 PM
Gentlemen, the road to the College World Series begins again for the 69th year. More than ever before, baseball folks will be able to follow college baseball in all its glory.
With more than 675 baseball games scheduled last year on ESPN platforms (which there are so many), you're sure to catch the games you want to see this year. ESPN will be posting a baseball airing schedule any day now. 
In the meantime, we have a number of pre-season rankings to debate over. So, rather than digging through a dirtpile of links and stats, how bout we just put them all together in one post at your disposal?
We've got the 2016 rankings, schedules, rule changes, and statistics you'll want to check out for this year's race to Omaha.
Check it out.


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1947-2015 College World Series Statistics

YearChampionCoachScoreRunner-UpMost Outstanding Player
1947 California Clint Evans 17–8, 8–7 Yale  
1948 Southern California Sam Barry 3–1, 3–8, 9–2 Yale  
1949 Texas Bibb Falk 10–3 Wake Forest Tom Hamilton, Texas
1950 Texas Bibb Falk 3–0 Washington State Ray VanCleef, Rutgers
1951 Oklahoma Jack Baer 3–2 Tennessee Sidney Hatfield, Tennessee
1952 Holy Cross Jack Barry 8–4 Missouri James O'Neill, Holy Cross
1953 Michigan Ray Fisher 7–5 Texas J.L. Smith, Texas
1954 Missouri Hi Simmons 4–1 Rollins Tom Yewcic, Michigan State
1955 Wake Forest Taylor Sanford 7–6 Western Michigan Tom Borland, Oklahoma A&M
1956 Minnesota Dick Siebert 12–1 Arizona Jerry Thomas, Minnesota
1957 California George Wolfman 1–0 Penn State Cal Emery, Penn State
1958 Southern California Rod Dedeaux 8–7 Missouri Bill Thom, Southern California
1959 Oklahoma State Toby Greene 5–3 Arizona Jim Dobson, Oklahoma State
1960 Minnesota Dick Siebert 2–1 Southern California John Erickson, Minnesota
1961 Southern California Rod Dedeaux 1–0 Oklahoma State Littleton Fowler, Oklahoma State
1962 Michigan Don Lund 5–4 Santa Clara Bob Garibaldi, Santa Clara
1963 Southern California Rod Dedeaux 5–2 Arizona Bud Hollowell, Southern California
1964 Minnesota Dick Siebert 5–1 Missouri Joe Ferris, Maine
1965 Arizona State Bobby Winkles 2–1 Ohio State Sal Bando, Arizona State
1966 Ohio State Marty Karow 8–2 Oklahoma State Steve Arlin, Ohio State
1967 Arizona State Bobby Winkles 11–2 Houston Ron Davini, Arizona State
1968 Southern California Rod Dedeaux 4–3 Southern Illinois Bill Seinsoth, Southern California
1969 Arizona State Bobby Winkles 10–1 Tulsa John Dolinsek, Arizona State
1970 Southern California Rod Dedeaux 2–1 Florida State Gene Ammann, Florida State
1971 Southern California Rod Dedeaux 7–2 Southern Illinois Jerry Tabb, Tulsa
1972 Southern California Rod Dedeaux 1–0 Arizona State Russ McQueen, Southern California
1973 Southern California Rod Dedeaux 4–3 Arizona State Dave Winfield, Minnesota
1974 Southern California Rod Dedeaux 7–3 Miami (FL) George Milke, Southern California
1975 Texas Cliff Gustafson 5–1 South Carolina Mickey Reichenbach, Texas
1976 Arizona Jerry Kindall 7–1 Eastern Michigan Steve Powers, Arizona
1977 Arizona State Jim Brock 2–1 South Carolina Bob Horner, Arizona State
1978 Southern California Rod Dedeaux 10–3 Arizona State Rod Boxberger, Southern California
1979 Cal State Fullerton Augie Garrido 2–1 Arkansas Tony Hudson, Cal State Fullerton
1980 Arizona Jerry Kindall 5–3 Hawaii Terry Francona, Arizona
1981 Arizona State Jim Brock 7–4 Oklahoma State Stan Holmes, Arizona State
1982 Miami (FL) Ron Fraser 9–3 Wichita State Dan Smith, Miami (FL)
1983 Texas Cliff Gustafson 4–3 Alabama Calvin Schiraldi, Texas
1984 Cal State Fullerton Augie Garrido 3–1 Texas John Fishel, Cal State Fullerton
1985 Miami (FL) Ron Fraser 10–6 Texas Greg Ellena, Miami (FL)
1986 Arizona Jerry Kindall 10–2 Florida State Mike Senne, Arizona
1987 Stanford Mark Marquess 9–5 Oklahoma State Paul Carey, Stanford
1988 Stanford Mark Marquess 9–4 Arizona State Lee Plemel, Stanford
1989 Wichita State Gene Stephenson 5–3 Texas Greg Brummett, Wichita State
1990 Georgia Steve Webber 2–1 Oklahoma State Mike Rebhan, Georgia
1991 LSU Skip Bertman 6–3 Wichita State Gary Hymel, LSU
1992 Pepperdine Andy Lopez 3–2 Cal State Fullerton Phil Nevin, Cal State Fullerton
1993 LSU Skip Bertman 8–0 Wichita State Todd Walker, LSU
1994 Oklahoma Larry Cochell 13–5 Georgia Tech Chip Glass, Oklahoma
1995 Cal State Fullerton Augie Garrido 11–5 Southern California Mark Kotsay, Cal State Fullerton
1996 LSU Skip Bertman 9–8 Miami (FL) Pat Burrell, Miami (FL)
1997 LSU Skip Bertman 13–6 Alabama Brandon Larson, LSU
1998 Southern California Mike Gillespie 21–14 Arizona State Wes Rachels, Southern California
1999 Miami (FL) Jim Morris 6–5 Florida State Marshall McDougall, Florida State
2000 LSU Skip Bertman 6–5 Stanford Trey Hodges, LSU
2001 Miami (FL) Jim Morris 12–1 Stanford Charlton Jimerson, Miami (FL)
2002 Texas Augie Garrido 12–6 South Carolina Huston Street, Texas
2003 Rice Wayne Graham 4–3 (10), 3–8, 14–2 Stanford John Hudgins, Stanford
2004 Cal State Fullerton George Horton 6–4, 3–2 Texas Jason Windsor, Cal State Fullerton
2005 Texas Augie Garrido 4–2, 6–2 Florida David Maroul, Texas
2006 Oregon State Pat Casey 3–4, 11–7, 3–2 North Carolina Jonah Nickerson, Oregon State
2007 Oregon State Pat Casey 11–4, 9–3 North Carolina Jorge Luis Reyes, Oregon State
2008 Fresno State Mike Batesole 6–7, 19–10, 6–1 Georgia Tommy Mendonca, Fresno State
2009 LSU Paul Mainieri 7–6, 1–5, 11–4 Texas Jared Mitchell, LSU
2010 South Carolina Ray Tanner 7–1, 2–1 (11) UCLA Jackie Bradley, Jr., South Carolina
2011 South Carolina Ray Tanner 2–1 (11), 5–2 Florida Scott Wingo, South Carolina
2012 Arizona Andy Lopez 5–1, 4–1 South Carolina Robert Refsnyder, Arizona
2013 UCLA John Savage 3–1, 8–0 Mississippi State Adam Plutko, UCLA
2014 Vanderbilt Tim Corbin 9–8, 2–7, 3–2 Virginia Dansby Swanson, Vanderbilt
2015 Virginia Brian O'Connor 1–5, 3–0, 4–2 Vanderbilt Josh Sborz, Virginia



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 We hope this post provided you with some good bookmarks to check frequently throughout this year's season. If you didn't see something you were looking for, feel free to leave a comment and we'll be sure to incorporate it into future posts. And may the best team win in Omaha.

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