5 of our Best Resources For Coaching A Winning Practice Session

Posted by Camille D.C. Sutton | Dec 14, 2018 7:00:00 AM

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Here at FungoMan, the best moments emerge when players make incredible plays look routine—because they actually practiced the play in a routine.

So how do you coach game winning plays? You break down big plays into small ones. You create an atmosphere for growth. You set the expectation for greatness. We have some great resources to share with you today. Make sure to check them out below!

1. Winning games come from winning drills.

Of course you'll need great drills. And there are so many at your disposal, so we've asked one of incredible FungoMan customers to share some of his winning drills with us. And now, for you. Here are some great practice plans to help you build a solid practice session repertoire. 40 multi-faceted drills to consider for your program. Boom.


2. Have the perfect 1 hour practice on lock.

You won't always have time to put together the most efficient practice for every session. That's why it's great to have a solid base of drills that you know you can complete in an hour. This will free you up to explore other needed areas in your game. Giving your players routine in practice also helps them focus more on technique and less about variance in the drill line up.

Ultimate 1 Hour FungoMan Practice


3. Work to the edge of ability.

Challenge your players to work at different speeds so that game-speed feels easy. Thinking about your players' development in terms of range will help them find the edge of their ability and push it further. Check out more of Stanford Baseball Head Coach Dave Esquer's thoughts.


4. Stock up on moving multi-position drills.

Keeping a great tempo is vital to holding attention and getting the most out of your players' energy. Diamond Instincts has done a great job of making the most use of their space and time. Check out some of their dynamic drills.


5. Leave your team with something to grow their mindset.

 This will take some intentional, but will pay off in dividends. Your last thought given in practice has the potential to really affect your team's ideology around the game as a collective and individually. We believe that the most effective coaches demonstrate concern for their players' mental, physical, and spiritual health. Check out some our President, Romy Cucjen's suggested reading list for coaches. Maybe you'll want to add these to your wish list this year, and leave your team with something worthwhile to think about at the end of practice.


Trent Mongero Baseball Drills

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