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We’ve spent over 20 years challenging traditional ideas with innovative, training-intuitive platforms evolving our products, powering our design ethos, and celebrating our athletic community.


Behind the Scenes

How We Totally Reimagined the Practice

Introducing FungoMan, our most significant training innovation. The platform revolutionizes traditional training methods by hacking exact line drives, ground balls, fly balls for the purpose of making a premium efficiency-minded product. Can’t picture this? We’ll talk you through it.

How We Champion Athletes

FungoMan technology opens up opportunity for improvement for players outside of monitored practice time. If a player struggles with backhands, she can get that extra work in and nail the game-speed backhand groundball in the seventh.

For over the past 4 years, MLB Develops as well as a couple of Major League Baseball’s Youth Academies across the nation have incorporated the FungoMan baseball practice machine technology to empower practices for the next generation of baseball players in the heart of urban cities like New Orleans, Compton, Kansas City, and Dallas, to name a few.

Leading-edge technology introduces sports industry professionals to precise control over motion and speed of the throwing head. Making tough plays practiceable. Making game-saving plays fundamentals. Create drills with FungoMan to work on specific skillsets.

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3 Common Misconceptions about FungoMan at the College Level [Video]

  "It doesn't look the same as a ball coming off a bat." "I'm an old-school coach; that machine doesn't follow the traditions of baseball." "That thing is out to take my job." These are things we hear from well-meaning, baseball-loving coaches quite frequently. Today, we'd like to address some of these statements and debunk a few of the misconceptions about FungoMan, what we are about, and why we believe FungoMan is a tool for the coach, not his replacement.   A carpenter doesn't use a circular saw for detail carpentry work when he needs a chisel. Similarly, FungoMan can not and should not replace the fungo. The fungo bat and Fungoman can coexist and compliment one another on the coach's tool belt for the work to be done to better the players.   We've asked one of our customers at Old Dominion University Baseball (D1), to share how and why they use their machines the way they do.  
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