7 Creative Infield Drills Used To Effectively Develop Your Players [Videos]

Posted by Trent Mongero | Dec 7, 2016 10:12:07 AM

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Guest Blogger: Coach Trent Mongero of Winning Baseball

Are you looking for new and effective ways to improve the mechanics, range, and consistency of your infielders and catchers?

I've put together a short, but very effective video drill series that will do just that.

These exact drills have made a huge difference for my players, and if you implement them, I'm certain you will see a dramatic increase in the confidence and performance of your players as well. 

Each video clip below is actual footage from our skill development workouts this past fall.

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7 Creative Infield Drills Used To Effectively Develop Your Players


Drill 1: Four Second Feet -- Game Speed Groundballs

    • Purpose: Executing ground ball to 1B in 4 seconds.
    • FungoMan Timer: 4 seconds
    • The average MLB right-handed batter takes 4.3 seconds to run to first base. A left-handed batter takes 4.2 seconds. We set the internal FungoMan timer horn at 4 seconds to create game speed tempo and improve game consistency of our infielders.


Drill 2: First Base Random Pick Drill

    • Purpose: Executing picks at 1B, work low picking the ball ground-up, keep palm parallel to ground to pick the hop, trusting instincts
    • FungoMan: 3-4 second intervals


Drill 3: Game Speed Pop Time Catchers Drill

    • Purpose: Catcher catches the ball from machine and makes throw to 2B for the out under 2.5 seconds
    • FungoMan is positioned on mound and internal timer is set 2.5 seconds. This simulates an 85 MPH pitch (.5 sec) and a desired pop time for our catcher (2.0 sec or under).

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Drill 4: Infield Choose Your Hop Drill

    • Purpose: Working on footwork while identifying extreme topspin ground ball hops
    • FungoMan: Extreme Topspin


Drill 5: Tags At 2nd Base Drill - Good & Bad Throws

    • Purpose: Catching throw from Catcher, straddle the base, make the tag, and show the umpire.


Drill 6: 5, 6, 7 Triangle Drill - Infield Catch

  • Purpose: Catching difficult fly balls in the triangle


Drill 7: Navigate Dugout Pop-Ups In Foul Ground

    • Purpose: Gaining a true home field advantage, by catching pop-ups around the dugout

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