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Posted by Camille D.C. Sutton | May 17, 2019 7:45:00 AM

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Improving as a hitter isn't limited to the number of at bats you personally have in the game for one simple reason: Hitting is as much or more of a mental game as it is physical. Young hitters often feel like their only opportunity to get better lies when they are in the batter's box. Hitters develop into great, seasoned hitters by making every team member's at bats part of their own personal development.

Yet, hitters still need a way to practice their hitting game with good mental instruction, from someone who's gone before them. Enter Steve Springer.

Check out his instruction:

Mental Hitting Like a Professional

If you're working on timing

1. You don't try to hit 94 and 79 mph at the same time.


Takeaways: Watch the game like you're gonna get the at bat. Think like the pitcher. Get a piece of paper and create a scorecard: F for fastball, O for off-speed. See how many times are you right? Create instincts.


If you're in a slump

2. Trade your slump for a funk.


Takeaways: Get rid of your batting average. Get great at showing up today. Practice hitting hard and lining out.


If you're looking for the right swing

3. Slow hands, slow feet, quiet head.


Takeaways: It's better to be a great competitor than have a pretty swing. No matter the batting average, when the game's on the line, coaches want the best competitor at the plate.


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