Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I start FungoMan?

  1. Plug the provided power cord into the Power Cord Connection (4).
  2. Put baseballs/softballs in the ball bin. Two buckets (approximately 140 balls is ideal).
  3. Power on the machine (2).

Starting the FM-250 or FM-250S Using the Manual Controller

  1. Power the machine ON. NOTE: The machine must be powered off, then restarted when using a different controller (wireless to manual controller, or manual to wireless controller)
  2. Press the THROW/START button. The machine will self initialize and move to the PARK Position.
  3. Confirm that the MANUAL/AUTO Button is in the MANUAL position.
  4. Use the controls to position the head of the machine and set the speed of the ball to be thrown.
How do I use the Manual Controller?

The Manual Controller can pinpoint a ball’s location, elevation, speed, and spin using the controls described below.

While in AUTO mode, the Manual Controller will throw balls at a time described by the TIME DELAY dial.

  • THROW / START BUTTON: In MANUAL, this button fires the ball. In AUTO, this button Starts the automated firing of balls.
  • POSITION / ELEVATION BUTTONS: In MANUAL, these buttons control the machine head up, down, left, and right. These buttons will NOT operate in AUTO Mode.
  • MANUAL / AUTO Toggle Switch: In AUTO mode, only the Time Delay button can be adjusted.
  • TOP Wheel Speed Dial: Sets the Speed of the TOP Wheel
  • BOTTOM Wheel Speed Dial: Sets the Speed of the BOTTOM Wheel
  • TIME DELAY BUTTON: Sets the time delay between balls thrown in AUTO Mode.
What are the power requirements for FungoMan?

Power Requirements

The FM-250 has 6 motors and operates computer components to provide the necessary movements for the machine. A stable, reliable power source of 120 volts is required. Failure to use a solid power source may result in poor machine performance, or inconsistency in connectivity. Please refer to the following guidelines when using the FM-250:

  • The FM-250 should be connected to a reliable 120 volt power outlet.
  • The FM-250 comes equipped with a 100’ 12 gauge extension cord. This cord will provide solid and reliable service to the machine from stable power sources.
  • Using more than the standard 100’ 12 gauge extension provided with the machine may cause interruptions in power. If an additional extension cord is used, be sure to use a 12 gauge extension cord.
  • The machine outlet plug is specially designed and must be inserted correctly.
  • Loose connections on either end of the extension cord can result in a “brownout” or short interruption in power. This interruption may turn certain machine components “OFF” for a short period of time which may cause disconnections the wireless controller.
  • Only generators with a computer inverter with at least 20 amps of power should be used to power the FM-250.
  • Using multiple extension cords over 100’ feet may cause interruptions in power or “brownouts”.
  • Refer to the voltmeter mounted on back of the machine to ensure that a steady flow of electricity is being provided. If the voltmeter fluctuates during use of the machine, there is a good chance that the machine will be adversely affected by the weak power source.
Why is my machine disconnecting from the Wireless Controller?

Probable Causes and Solutions:

  • Power Requirements: FungoMan Power requires 120 volts from a 20 amp circuit. Take THE FUNGOMAN POWER TEST to check your power source (*This is the most common cause of machine disconnecting from the Wireless Controller)
  • Switching Controllers: Be sure to POWER OFF FungoMan when going from one controller to another.
  • WIFI Disconnect: The WIFI on the Wireless Controller is not turned ON.
  • WIFI Network Interference: Contact Customer Care by submitting a case.
  • Wrong Network Connection: Confirm your connection to the FungoMan WIFI Network (network name always starts with FM-150)
  • App Open Multiple Times: Exit the app by selecting the red FungoMan "F" in the upper left-hand corner, rather than the HOME or BACK button
  • Routine Operating Sequence: Use correct operating sequence:
Understanding the lights in different modes.

Fungoman Lighting Sequence

Launch Sequence

The launch sequence is always the same. Once the throw button is pressed the light sequence of Yellow, White, and then the ball will be released.

Hopper Empty or Ball Jam

After 3 attempts at feeding a ball, all three lights (RED, YELLOW, WHITE) will BLINK. After 6 attempts, all three lights will be illuminated and the machine will PARK.

Manual Mode

RED: Red light does NOT illuminate in MANUAL MODE

YELLOW: 1st light in launch sequence (Yellow, White, Throw)

WHITE: 2nd light in launch sequence (Yellow, White, Throw)


Auto Mode



WHITE: 2nd light in launch sequence (Yellow, White, Throw)



The Red light illuminates during Routines in AUTO PLAY mode.


Part of the Launch Sequence. The yellow light is the first light in launch sequence (Yellow, White, Throw) and illuminates for .4 seconds.

The warning horn can be enabled to give an audible sound at the same time as the yellow light.


Part of the Launch Sequence. Second light to come on for .4 seconds

The warning horn can be enabled to give an audible sound at the same time as the white light.


How does the Back Panel work?

Back Panel Reference

  3. VOLTAGE METER (steady 120 volts)        
How do I drain the compressor?

Air Compressor Information

Balls are propelled by the FM-250 using the assistance of an air powered cylinder to consistently push the ball into the spinning tires.

The air compressor keeps the cylinder pressurized by “cycling” after approximately 5 to 10 balls fired. The compressor will “cycle” for 1 to 2 minutes or until it fills the air tank to approximately 100 psi. The compressor will then release the air out of the air valve (which sounds like air brakes on a bus).

The machine should NOT be powered down during the middle of a compressor “cycle”.

If the machine is inadvertently powered off during the compressor “cycle," the pressure on the air valve must be released manually by draining the air tank under the machine (see photo below).

How to drain the air tank:

  1. Power down the machine.
  2. Drain the air tank.
  3. Loosen the air tank drain valve until air dispels from the tank.
  4. Power on the machine.
  5. The compressor should begin “cycling”.

Compressor Air Tank Drain Valve Instructions.jpg

Click to Watch “Air Compressor Information” Video

How often should I air up the FungoMan tires?
How do I park FungoMan?

Park Position

  • Select the red F in the upper left-hand corner of the FungoMan Wireless Remote.

Parking the machine puts FungoMan in a safe position. When the machine PARKS, it moves up and right and then back to center to rest in PARK position. Wheels point straight up and slow to 2 mph.

How do I stop Automatic Mode while using the Manual Controller?
  • Select MANUAL on the MANUAL/AUTO switch

What happens when I run out of balls?
How do I fix a ball jam?
How do I go from the Manual Controller to Wireless Controller?
  • Turn machine switch OFF
  • Wait 5 seconds
  • Turn machine switch ON

  • Turn ON the Wireless Remote
  • Go to WIFI SETTINGS and turn ON WIFI
  • Connect to FungoMan WIFI Network
  • Open FungoMan Wireless Remote App
How do I fix the firing pin?

How to Test the Firing Mechanism using the Manual Override Button

FungoMan Testing Firing Mechanism

Manual Override Test:
  1. With the machine off, drain the Air Compressor
  2. Remove Firing Mechanism Cover
  3. Identify the Manual ‘Override Button’ on the Firing Valve
  4. Clear ball out of the “Pinch Point’ area
  5. Power machine on, allow the air compressor to be full (air cycle finished)
  6. Press the override button to test if the Piston is working through the valve in order to fire the Piston

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How do I open the FungoMan App on the Wireless Controller?

Starting the FungoMan App on the Wireless Remote



  1. Press the FungoMan icon to start the FungoMan Wireless Remote application


  1. Choose the appropriate base path size.
  2. Choose the type of practice.
  3. Press the Go Practice button.
How do you connect the Wireless Remote to the FungoMan FM-250?

Starting the Wireless Remote



  1. Turn on the FungoMan FM-250 Automated Practice Machine.
  2. Turn on the Wireless Remote.



Connecting to the Wifi


  1. Press the Wi-Fi Settings button
  2. If the Wi-Fi adapter has not already been enabled, press the Check Box to turn on WiFi




  1. The wireless controller will find the FM-250 and obtain the proper settings to connect.



  1. The wireless controller should now be connected to the FM-250.
How to go from the Manual to Wireless Controller.
How do I know if I'm connected to the Wifi?
How do I throw a ball from the QuickPick Page?
Where is the THROW button?
How do I repeat a ball?
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