The FM-250 Automated Baseball Practice Machine

Perfectly Placed Reps...Automatically

FungoMan, the Automated Baseball Pitching & Fielding Machine, simply controlled by a coach friendly wireless tablet, provides accurate, repetitive, and timely practice for all players.


  • FungoMan throws balls to any position on the field using a state-of-the-art positioning system that allows balls to be thrown every 3-5 seconds anywhere on the field
  • Fully programmable wireless controller empowers coaches to run, edit, or create Factory Installed or User Created Routines
  • Holds over 200 balls that fire every 3 seconds
  • Develop proper fundamentals in players from youth leagues to the pros by coaching next to players instead of swinging a bat at home plate
  • Create patient hitters by varying types of pitches (Fastball, Curveball, Change Up, Knuckleball)
  • Scout and simulate previously played games by scripting those plays for practice
  • Find more time to practice problem areas by setting up automated drills while you are working with other players
  • Add wins to their team’s record by multiplying the number of quality reps your players receive at practice
  • Multiply reps to players during the same amount of practice time
  • Put more fun into practice by keeping players engaged with drills that include multiple players at once
  • Motivate players to reach for new limits
  • Teach the game with more effectiveness
  • Watch players achieve new levels of success
  • FungoMan can throw any kind of ball from a 400’ fly ball to a 3’ bunt in front of home plate
  • Coaches are free to coach anywhere on the field