Automated Softball Practice Machine

This one of a kind FungoMan can throw infield ground balls, line drives, popups, and fly balls to the outfield.

Set it up on the mound and throw batting practice with fastballs, drop balls, and change ups.

Practice is about to get an upgrade.


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Coaches and players can specify position, elevation, speed and spin for each ball. In a matter of seconds, coaches can start a fully planned practice using FungoMan drills for every conceivable game situation.

With 40 practice drills from which to choose, teams, players, and coaches can take the field getting a full workout covering every position—hitting, infielding, and outfielding alike. 

For the creative softball coach, the custom drill feature facilitates the unique challenges facing each and every program's year.






Timer Horn

Coaches create urgency and tempo with the FM Timer Horn. For example, catchers can work on their pop time to throw out the attempted steal at 2B by setting the timer for 3.0 seconds or less. The creative uses for this feature are endless.

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Wireless Controller

We make coaching hands free, improving your accuracy—the way coaching should be. Quickly select a position, elevation, and power setting using the QuickPick Screen. Fully programmable wireless controller empowers coaches to run, edit, or create Factory Installed or User Created Routines. 

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Softball Bin

Ideal for practice flow. The bin hold 70 balls so practice doesn't have to stop as often to refuel for reps.

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Feeding System

The automated impeller feeds balls from ball bin to pitching mechanism. Hitters and coaches will spend less time picking up balls, and more time training.

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Pitch Types

The FM-250S challenges hitters on pitch readability, producing Fastballs, Drop Balls, and Change Ups for batting practice. Quickly select a position, elevation, and power setting using the QuickPick Screen for fielding practice.

FM Lighting System (1).png

Light-Timing System

The consistent FungoMan light-timing system allows hitters to develop great rhythm and timing in their practice.



FungoMan is designed to empower athletes and coaches as they train with strategic intention, purpose, and excellence.


Romy Cucjen

FungoMan, President and Co-Inventor


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