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Product Overview       FM-250S Softball Practice Machine


name logo - 4-8-21® Softball Practice Machine 


Starting at $427/month

Product Description

This one of a kind FungoMan practice machine throws infield and outfield ground balls, line drives, popups, and fly balls.

Set up on the mound and throw batting practice with fastballs, dropballs, and changeups. Fits through a standard door. Holds 70 balls. And runs dependably by electrical power.

Pricing Overview

Premium plans that empower you. Rates starting at:
- $427/month (Rent)
- $506/month (Finance)
- $16,375 (Purchase)


Engage players with every imaginable ball they might see in competitive play. Run practice at your speed for both infield, outfield, and batting practice. Now you and your team can master them all. Wireless Controller gives coaches and players freedom to communicate and work more effectively. 

Empowered practice.

The modern softball coach's job is tough. Training underdeveloped players. Building a winning program with little resources. Practice time wasted on ineffective fungos. But it doesn't have to be that way.

With FM-250S, all your instruction becomes hands-free, and all your communication counts right next to your players.

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Fielding & Pitching Machine In One

Batting practice, fielding, and team drills available in the Factory-Installed Routines.

Easy to Control Fungoes & Drills

Quick-select position, elevation, and power settings. The fully programmable wireless controller empowers coaches to run, edit, or create drills.

40 Pre-Installed Routines To Choose

Positional, Infield, Outfield, Game Situations, Popup Priority, and Warning Track Flyballs.


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Width 31 1/4” + Length 54 1/4

Height 61” + Fits through a standard door

Ball Hopper

Ball Hopper Capacity | 70 balls

Average Time Between Balls | 3 seconds


Requires 120 volts

Equipped with a 100’ 12 gauge extension cord

Pitching Screen - custom fit to protect your machine from ball strikes in batting practice pitching mode
Wireless Controller - easily fits in pocket, customize drills, recreate tough to practice balls
Manual Controller - basic controls of speed, spin, elevation, and position
Custom Extension Chord - 100 ft' 12 gauge



Don Wakamatsu, Bench Coach, Texas Rangers

Professional Development

FungoMan offers coaches at every level the ability to build a rock-solid foundation for their players.



Armando Sedeno, Head Baseball Coach, Langham Creek High School

High School Training Tool

You teach by repetition. FungoMan is the best piece of equipment that allows me to partner with my players by being next to them and really coach.



Larry Turner, 2007 ABCA Coach of the Year, Owasso High School

Worthy Investment

This is a very expensive machine that is worth its weight in gold!

FungoMan in Action

FungoMan. The perfect softball practice machine for those who want game-like practice.

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It’s already easy to use. But we’re still here for you.

Because you shouldn’t have to figure it out all on your own.

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Run Drills with Timer Horn

Coaches create urgency and tempo with the FM Timer Horn. For example, catchers can work on their pop time to throw out the attempted steal at 2B by setting the timer for 2.0 seconds or less. The creative uses for this feature are endless.
Kiosk - Transparent

Coach Freely On the Field

We make coaching hands free, improving your accuracy—the way coaching should be with the wireless controller. Quickly select a position, elevation, and power setting using the QuickPick Screen. Run, edit, and create Factory Installed or User Created Routines.
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Keep Practice Going

Ideal for practice flow. The bin hold 70 balls so practice doesn't have to stop as often to refuel for reps. Plus, you don't have to stand next to it and feed it, you get to be on the field, coaching next to your players.
Autofeed - Transparent

Autofeed, So You Can Coach

The automated impeller feeds balls from ball bin to pitching mechanism. Spend less time picking up balls, and feeding traditional pitching machine and more time instructing.
Hand and Ball - Transparent

Practice Fastballs + Curveballs

The FM-250S challenges hitters on pitch readability, producing Fastballs, Drop Balls, and Change Ups for batting practice. Quickly select a position, elevation, and power setting using the QuickPick Screen for fielding practice.
Lighting System - Transparent-2

Keep Your Rhythm + Timing

The consistent FungoMan light-timing system allows hitters to develop great rhythm and timing in their practice.

Head Coach Mike Candrea's Story

Retired Head Softball Coach at the University of Arizona

Head Coach of the US Women's National Softball Team in 2004 Team USA Gold Medal + 2008 Silver Medal

All-time winningest coach in college softball history, and ranked 4th of any coach in any NCAA sport with 1,674 wins


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FM-250S Pricing

Explore purchasing options and determine which option fits your program.




36 MTH Term Payments

3-Year Full Customer Care Package
Free Software Upgrades
Custom Pitching Screen
Software License
Manual + Wireless Controllers

End of Term Options:

1. Return equipment + refresh tech

2. Extend lease to month-to-month

*Does not including shipping costs




Multiple MTH Term Payment Options (2-6 Years)

1-Year Full Customer Care Package
1-Year Free Software Upgrades
Custom Pitching Screen
Software License
Manual + Wireless Controllers 

Dollar buy out financing

*$459 Rate based on 36 MTH term

*Does not include shipping costs




One time equipment purchase
1-Year Full Coverage Customer Care Package
1-Year Free Software Upgrades
Custom Pitching Screen
Software License
Manual + Wireless Controllers


*Does not include shipping costs



Get Pricing Options

See how much you can accomplish in one practice session. Build the program and players you need to take you to the next level of competition.

Empower your practice today. Learn more about our rental/finance partner here.