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Product Overview       FM-DPM Dual Pitching Machine


name logo - 4-8-21® Dual Pitching Machine 


Starting at $597/month

Product Description

Simply controlled by a user-friendly kiosk, this versatile and multifaceted pitching machine provides accurate, repetitive, and timely pitching.

Serves athletes in multiple sports, including baseball, fastpitch and slowpitch softball.

Pricing Overview

Premium plans that empower you. Rates starting at:
- $498/month (Rent)
- $588/month (Finance)
- $17,927 (Purchase)



Kiosk token system easily tracks and monetizes hitting sessions. Pitch types include fastballs, curveballs, and knuckleballs. Two separate bins for baseball and softball, complete with automated impeller feeding system. Lights cue hitters to prepare and maximize timing.

Empowered hitting.

Academy owners have a lot to manage. Membership rates. Booking private lessons. Keeping parents happy. But you don't have to do it all.

With the FM-DPM, free up staff and utilize cage space profitably. Serve more hitters, and self-generate revenue.

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Kiosk interface allows hitters to practice by themselves

User-friendly kiosk menu makes pitch selection easy and fast

Varying types of pitches for each sport gives hitters multiple options

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Hard Wired Internet to Kiosk - Needed to keep machines updated with the latest software

NetworkCAT5 - Cable used to connect machine PLC to kiosk FungoMan application operated on Chromebase MINI Computer

Multicable - Connection wire used to power Kiosk

Machine Power - (per machine) 20 AMP Circuit / 20 AMP Receptacle


Width 42 3/4”
Length 48"
Height 70 1/4”


Ball Quantity

Baseball 8 dozen
Softball 5 dozen


Pitch Speeds

Baseball Fastball 37mph, 50mph, 60mph, 70mph
Baseball Curveball 30mph, 35mph, 45mph, 55mph, 65mph
Fastpitch Softball Fastball 37mph, 50mph, 60mph
Fastpitch Softball Curveball 30mph, 35mph, 40mph
Slowpitch Softball Topspin 12’ ARC, 10’ ARC, 8’ ARC, 6’ ARC
Slowpitch Softball Knuckleball 12’ ARC, 10’ ARC, 8’ ARC, 6’ ARC
Slowpitch Softball Backspin 12’ ARC, 10’ ARC, 8’ ARC, 6’ ARC


Distance to Tip of Back Plate

From the Front Tire 44'-48' depending on cage length


FungoMan in Action

FungoMan. The perfect pitching machine for those serving baseball and softball hitters.

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It’s already easy to use. But we’re still here for you.

Because you shouldn’t have to figure it out all on your own.

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Automated Batting Practice

Stay in the batter's box, and confidently take batting practice working specifically on what you need to improve through a powerful, user-friendly kiosk. Batting practice just got an upgrade.
Kiosk - Transparent


The kiosk interface allows hitters to practice by themselves, customizing their hitting regiment to their needs.
Ball Bins - Transparent

Baseball and Softball Bins

Ideal for athletic training facilities for baseball and softball, this dual-pitching system with separate ball bins, accommodates hitters from the beginner to advanced levels.
Autofeed - Transparent-1

Feeding System

The automated impeller feeds balls from ball bin to pitching mechanism. Hitters and coaches will spend less time picking up balls, and more time training.
Hand and Ball - Transparent

Pitch Types

The FM-DPM challenges hitters on pitch readability, producing fastballs, curveballs, and knuckleballs
Lighting System - Transparent-2

Light-Timing System

The consistent FungoMan light-timing system allows hitters to develop great rhythm and timing in their practice.

The important thing is we’ve made tough pitches, practice-able pitches. And that's invaluable for the beginner through advanced hitter alike.


—Romy Cucjen

FungoMan, President and Co-Inventor


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FM-DPM Pricing

Explore purchasing options and determine which option fits your facility.




36 MTH Term Payments

3-Year Full Customer Care Package
Free Software Upgrades


End of Term Options:

1. Return equipment + refresh tech

2. Extend lease to month-to-month




Multiple MTH Term Payment Options (2-6 Years)

1-Year Full Customer Care Package
1-Year Free Software Upgrades


Dollar buy out financing

*$588 Rate based on 36 MTH term




One time equipment purchase
1-Year Full Coverage Customer Care Package
1-Year Free Software Upgrades


*Does not include shipping costs



Get Pricing Options

See how much you can accomplish in one practice session. Build the program and players you need to take you to the next level of competition.

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