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FungoMan Kiosk included with hitter-friendly interface.


Automated Batting Practice Machine

Stay in the batter's box, and confidently take batting practice working specifically on what you need to improve through a powerful, user-friendly kiosk. Batting practice just got an upgrade.

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The kiosk interface allows hitters to practice by themselves, customizing their hitting regiment to their needs. 

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Baseball and Softball Bins

Ideal for athletic training facilities for baseball and softball, this dual-pitching system with separate ball bins, accommodates hitters from the beginner to advanced levels.

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Feeding System

The automated impeller feeds balls from ball bin to pitching mechanism. Hitters and coaches will spend less time picking up balls, and more time training.

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Pitch Types

The FM-DPM challenges hitters on pitch readability, producing fastballs, curveballs, and knuckleballs

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Light-Timing System

The consistent FungoMan light-timing system allows hitters to develop great rhythm and timing in their practice.

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The important thing is we’ve made tough pitches, practice-able pitches. And that's invaluable for the beginner through advanced hitter alike.

Romy Cucjen

FungoMan, President and Co-Inventor


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