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New to FungoMan? Use these guides to get started.


FM-250 + FM-250S

FM-250(S) Machine Setup QuickStart Guide (2)

FM-250(S) Machine Setup Guide

Get up and running fast with this QuickStart Guide. This is a must for first time users who want to run practice with FungoMan confidence.

FM-250(S) Wireless Controller Guide

Wireless Controller Guide

Master your controller to get the most out of your machine. Learn basic functions and advance to customize-able ball spins, drills, and practice plans. 

FM-250 Troubleshooting Guide Frame

Troubleshooting Guide

Best practices you need to know about your incredibly versatile tool. Quickly self-diagnose the issue with our easy to implement, tried and tested solutions, so you can get back to practice.

FM-250(S) Factory Installed Routines (1)

Factory Installed Routines

Preview and select from 40 factory installed practice drills. From individual positional drills to team situations, you'll have plenty of options. 



FM-DPM Academy Users Guide

FM-DPM Academy User's Guide

After installation there are a few things you need to know as an academy owner. View this manual for best practices, upkeep, and technical concerns for your premiere facility. 

FM-DPM Analytics Dashboard User Guide eBook

FM-DPM Analytics Dashboard User Guide

Get a breakdown of all the features and benefits of the FM-DPM Analytics. Track trends, monitor performance, and evaluate cage productivity and profitability. This tool is a game-changer.