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Baseball + Softball Knowledge Base | FM-250 + FM-250S

FM-250(S) Machine Setup QuickStart Guide (2)

FM-250(S) Machine Setup Guide

Get up and running fast with this QuickStart Guide. This is a must for first time users who want to run practice with FungoMan confidence.

FM-250(S) Wireless Controller Guide

Wireless Controller Guide

Master your controller to get the most out of your machine. Learn basic functions and advance to customize-able ball spins, drills, and practice plans. 

FM-250 Troubleshooting Guide Frame

Troubleshooting Guide

Best practices you need to know about your incredibly versatile tool. Quickly self-diagnose the issue with our easy to implement, tried and tested solutions, so you can get back to practice.

FM-250(S) Factory Installed Routines (1)

Factory Installed Routines

Preview and select from 40 factory installed practice drills. From individual positional drills to team situations, you'll have plenty of options. 


Dual Pitching Knowledge Base | FM-DPM

FM-DPM Academy Users Guide

FM-DPM Academy User's Guide

After installation there are a few things you need to know as an academy owner. View this manual for best practices, upkeep, and technical concerns for your premiere facility. 

FM-DPM Analytics Dashboard User Guide eBook

FM-DPM Analytics Dashboard User Guide

Get a breakdown of all the features and benefits of the FM-DPM Analytics. Track trends, monitor performance, and evaluate cage productivity and profitability. This tool is a game-changer.