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"With FungoMan, I can take countless ground balls, on my own time, anywhere on the field." 


Working Out Alone: Individual Baseball Drills

Former professional baseball player Taylor Love uses the FM-250 to workout alone on multiple aspects of his game. He's able to schedule his workouts without having to depend on others. Take a look at some of his drills.

  • Frontier League Player 
  • 4-Year Starter at Louisiana Tech University
  • 2014 All-Conference USA Shortstop


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"Feel free to connect with me on social media and ask me questions about how I use FungoMan." —Taylor


FM Testing and Training Class


Knee Drill - Warm up

Double Play Flips to 2B

Double Play Feeds

Tough One Hop with Top Spin



Taylor Love talks about how he uses FungoMan to train his infield baseball instruction classes.