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Empowering Athletes and Those Who Train Them

We built our technology from a dad's desire to empower his son with better training. Our latest articles honor ideas of the past and advance them in service of tomorrow's generation of athletes.

Trent Mongero - Training Article


7 Creative Infield Drills To Effectively Develop Players with Trent Mongero

Winning Baseball fielding guru, ABCA Coach of the year, Trent Mongero shares infield drills you'll want to implement in your next practice.

Jerry Manuel - Coaching


Scouting Talent with Jerry Manuel

"The Sage" Jerry Manuel is former MLB Player, Manager, Coach, MLB Network Analyst, and CEO of the Jerry Manuel Foundation. He shares on scouting talent—seeing movement and rhythm.

Behind the Scenes

Let's Reimagine Practice

Introducing FungoMan, our most significant training innovation. The platform revolutionizes traditional training methods by hacking exact line drives, ground balls, fly balls for the purpose of making a premium efficiency-minded product. It's time to games. But first, let's win practice.

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